Jeff Paul: Co-Founder

In March of 2013, Hometown Hospice & Homecare, Inc. was founded by Jeff Paul & Rich Firth. Jeff brings 30 years of clinical, management and leadership experience to Hometown. Jeff has worked side by side with Rich Firth for the past 11 years developing and refining their philosophy of providing quality and compassionate care with the utmost respect and dignity.

At Hometown we believe in giving back to our community that we serve and live. It is our goal and commitment to treat every patient and family like we would treat our own family.

Rich Firth: Co-Founder

Rich brings over 20 years of healthcare and leadership experience to Hometown. Together he and Jeff Paul have worked side by side providing patients and families with compassionate care.

My philosophy of care is simple….”I want to do what’s right for the patient and their family”. My vision at Hometown is to provide our employees with a “barrier free” approach to healthcare. If a patient or family member need it ….they get it.

Our Ownership Team is committed to doing the right thing for our patients, their families, our employees and our community. Together in the years to come Hometown and its employees will have the awesome opportunity to touch and therefore impact many lives. I am excited for the journey ahead!